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 The words we live by are "approachable" and "respectful" that go together, with us  and our music business.  We are approachable from the minute of booking to the very last song at your event.  Planning together, scheduling together, listening very well and watching very well - everyone there should enjoy the music and events along with you.  When someone requests a song or songs during your event we respond out of our 17,000+ song mobile library.  Being approachable always is a major part in always being respectful to our Clients and their guests.

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It's important to stay true to your roots. I love people, and you see them at their Best during Weddings, Holiday parties, and Corporate Kickoffs & Annuals!

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Want Mike to let his soulful energy glow at your venue? Click here to contact us.

Mike and his son Joseph (both DJ's and musicians) focus on You!  The success of your event is credited to you as it should be.  The professionals like us are support for an enjoyable, smooooth event for what many would later call phenominal!